MWLA has built one of the industry’s sharpest reputations for its synthesis of design philosophy, material-savvy and formidable attention to detail. With a focus on responsible landscape design and development, MWLA has left its mark across southern Ontario and eastern Canada with an ever-expanding portfolio of celebrated projects customized to the smallest detail.



MWLA is uniquely adept at working in a range of scales from the urban pocket park to regional parkland. We bring big ideas to the smallest of spaces to suit every region, neighborhood, and environmental condition. The coherent vision for our projects stems from our multidisciplinary design team who keep a watchful eye on schedule, budget and construction quality. We take pride in balancing our expertise in both built elements and horticultural design.


MWLA has gained a reputation for pushing the boundaries of landscape design by adapting materials outside the traditional landscape palette. Our design approach seeks to blur the boundaries of ‘inside’ and ‘out’ thus creating a visual and experiential flow that is calming, aesthetically invigorating, and functionally coherent.



We have strong leadership and co-ordination skills, extremely well-honed technical and horticultural skills, and extensive experience in successfully working with a broad spectrum of professional disciplines as required, to fulfill the needs of our projects. We are skilled in all aspects of sustainable design and have worked successfully on numerous LEED projects.



Our distinct project experience which covers a broad range of disciplines provides us with the unique ability to analyze our designs over a cross-platform methodology. This allows us to balance the needs and desires of the client, project stakeholders, end users, and the continued maintenance requirements of the project.