Carlton on the Park

Formerly a warren of small public spaces woven through the private terraces of 8 penthouse units, this roof deck was reimagined into an open, inviting amenity space for the residents. Outdoor kitchens complete with utilities, seating alcoves, integrated spa and associated deck, lounge sundeck, and a skyline lookout were integrated into an otherwise unusual footprint. The design features fire resistant materials, porous paving, removable fence panels, shade pergolas, green roofs, integrated and retrofitted high efficiently lighting, and an automated irrigation system.

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Canadian Film Centre

Situated on the former Taylor family estate, the water feature and surrounding areas were revitalized to function as a peaceful gathering place on the heritage listed property. The design features integration of the original overflow basins, re-purposed flagstone local to the site, integrated underwater lighting, landscape lighting, and preservation of historic apple trees. The space is now utilized by student and faculty of the Canadian Film Centre.

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Private Residence

Scarborough Bluffs Estate

This picturesque estate on the shores of Lake Ontario was endangered by bluff erosion. Through ingeniously engineered solutions and extensive re-vegetation the property is anticipated to weather another 200+ years.  Scope included a temporary shoreline access road, groin construction, aquatic habitat creation, a 15m deep by 170m long caisson wall concealed under the landscape, stormwater management overflow channels, specialized slope soil installation & hydroseeding, and extensive planting of large caliper shade trees via tree spade.

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Public Park

Darren Neighbourhood Park

A full featured neighbourhood park of unique character.
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The Boulevard Club

The club's outdoor food and beverage venue is reinvigorated, opening up views across the lake and to the skyline beyond and creating a more intimate relationship between the guests, the architecture, and the waterfront marina.
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